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Clam Shell Vent
clamshell vents are commonly used to vent bilges or as intake air supplements for active vents.
Hardware piece on a boat or a dock to which lines are attached.
Coach Roof
The roof of the cabin on a small boat.
A raised edge, as around the cockpit or around a hatchway, to keep water out.

Deck space for the crew of a boat, typically recessed.
Entryway from the deck to the belowdeck cabin area.
Single-masted sailboat similar to a sloop, but with the mast farther aft to allow for a double headsail.
A keel-like device that is manually raised and lowered vertically without using a hinge.
A small crane used to hoist a boat or dinghy or other object.
Deep Fin Keel
By a fin, I refer to a simple deep keel that's length is less than 50% of the hull.
A hull shape characterized by a sharp deadrise, typically more than 20 degrees.
A small sailboat often raced that can be sailed on and off a beach. Also a tender, either rowed or equipped with power, used to go to and from a larger vessel.
Direct Drive
An engine configuration in which the drive shaft runs in a straight driveline through the bottom of the hull.
Vertical distance a boat penetrates the water.
Made of plastic or rubber, the fenders prevent a vessel from moving onto a pier. They prevent damage to the boat as well as the pier should the two come into contact with each other.
Fin Keel
A keel shaped like the fin of a fish that is shorter and deeper than a full-length keel.

Flat-Bottom Boat
Type of boat or hull shape with very little or no deadrise.
Fly Bridge
Raised, second-story helm station, often located above the primary helm
Located at the front of a boat.
Vertical distance between the waterline and the top of the hull side.
Full Keel
A full keel by definition runs the length of at least 50% of the hull. The forward edge curves vertically while the aft edge often connects to a rudder.
Rolling or folding a sail on its boom.
The kitchen area on a boat.
A combination of resin and pigment that comprises the smooth outside coating of a fiberglass boat.