System Tools

10/16/2021 5:58:54 AM

I have added Locking and Audit to the site. This part is mainly for Admin only. This is a safety that we put in place to protect all users as well as all information on Boat Transporters.

The Audit is a section dedicated to logging. A log is a record of all member actions like login/logout/adding/editing/deleting records. That way we can see who is doing what and if something get deleted or overwritten it can be fixed.

We also made it where the system Locks member accounts after three unsuccessful logins. This way the site is protected on brute force hacks and the information on the site is protected.

The Record Locking is a section to prevent very rare situations when members simultaneously edit the same record. While one user is editing the record, it becomes locked, so other users can't change it. Administrators can unlock the record (the member receives a message, that admin aborted the edit session) or edit it (the member receives the standard message).

The record will be back unlocked when the member saves the record and out of the edit screen.

Auto unlocking If a member goes to the Edit page and then clicks Back in the browser, the record remains locked. To prevent this, We utilize an automatic unlocking method. By default, the record is unlocked after 550 seconds.

Like I said this is just protection for users as well as the site. Only Admin can see the Audit and Locking features but everyone has the right to know about the back side of the site.