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James Tandy

Escort Review

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James Tandy 5/28/2021 I think she might be new and just does not know any better.
Day One. Waiting for escort calls and says 3hrs out. That is fine it was a last minute find.
Calls a few time to find out where I am. I told her TX I-20 Exit 617 Pony Express truck stop. Called back and wanted address or location sent to her. I sent both. Told me an hour out. Okay.
I see her pass up the truck stop. Few minutes later she called and she said she missed it. Hmmmm. I told her to just go to the line and I will meet her there.
Only get to the end of LA because of late start. Told her start at 7 AM in the morning.
Day Two. 7AM and no escort. Text and wait and still nothing. Walk up to truck and knock on window and no answer. 7:15 call and woke her up. Leave at 7:50 after she got ready.
Have 16.5 rear over hang with the mast. She stays way back and lets cars in between. Ask why so far back. Only answer hanging back.
Could not get me over in a hurry because she stayed back.
That is Okay, I could see behind me and really did not need and escort but to protect the mast anyways.
Since we had a late start could not make it through Chattanooga, TN. If we left on time we would have.
Day Three. Had to wake her up again. Knocked on window. No answer. Text. No answer and then call. This time no answer but saw she let the dog out. Went to get fuel and notice flat tire. So did not need to wake her up.
Again stay back and not protect the mast.
Made it to TN VA line to wait for Front Escort.
Day Four. Woke up on time and was ready.
Still did not protect mast.
Oversize sign started letting loose and was told nothing. Noticed when I stopped.
Day Five. Short day. only have little over 100 miles left. started at 8:30AM because we are in curfew. We went to channel 19 and she was sort of able to listen to front escort. Done a bit better on the rear.
Half star because cool dog and was ready on Day four.

I do not recommend on high profile loads. Needs to learn a lot and be better at the job. I did not mind because I really did not need an escort behind me. I could see what was going on and how far back she was.
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